Friday, June 3, 2011

A well overdue update

Spring is finally on us in full force and with spring, comes that desire to refresh one's commitment to health as well. At least that's how things seem to go for me.

This past week I made a goal to make sure to eat at least five servings of fruit and veg a day. I think I usually meet that, but I wanted to make a conscious comitment to it.

There is also an awesome song from Signing Time about it that I can't get out of my head (yes, it's a kid song). I particularly like the refrain where they have a "banana, apple, pea, carrot, potato day" or a "lettuce, banana, carrot, pear, apple day"

I should have taken notes and composed a song for you. However, I didn't and I know you're so sad. Most of my days were banana, lettuce and mixed veggies, apple, apple, random vegetable and maybe one more fruit days. Research shows that if you are trying to lose or maintain weight, eating bulky fruits and veg helps as they are less calorie dense (as compared simply to calorie restriction). Go go gadget fibre and water!

A really great salad is finely sliced fennel, over greens , with orange slices, red onion and sweet onion dressing. It was the best salad I had this week.

I also started drinking a daily dose of Greens plus. It has a few of the supplements I otherwise take, thus, decreasing my pill swallowing, and adds another dose of green food which is good for alkalinizing the body. Since Ive been a little inflammed lately, this seems sensible.