Thursday, August 5, 2010

Loving my veggie box

Thursday is veggie day. I get a gorgeous bin of organic veggies and fruits delivered to my door by Ottawa Organics. It feels pretty decadent, but it does mean that my house is stocked regularly with healthy things without any effort on my part (except for to remember to put out last week's bin each week, which I regularly miss...thank goodness they let me accumulate a few before cutting me off!).

Tonight I was about to head to my Thursday night dinner joint, as Thursday evening is my night sans kids and for resting, getting some exercise or yoga practice, and recharging before Friday and then a busy weekend with the rugrats. The Thursday dinner joint is The Table, just down the road, tasty, healthy, fresh, veggie based, and buffet. I love buffets.

However, tonight I decided to stay in, and cook up some lovely veggies just for me. Cooking for one is odd, but I'll at least have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

On the stove as I type is the Green Door's Mediterranean Beans recipes. The Green Door, by the way, is probably my favourite restaurant in town. If only I could walk to work AND live close to it. Alas, I can't. And clearly there is a theme with restaurants that I hold dear.

I did the math while I was cooking, and it was in fact quicker to do the work to make dinner than to get in the car and drive to and from the Table. The simmering time isn't included, but that gives me a chance to update this blog here. All the ingredients came from this week's veggie bin, except the dried oregano, which I dried from an earlier one.

I must remember the next time I think that going out to get food (even if it is healthy, nearby, yummy vegetarian buffet) is not necessarily more timely than just whipping something up myself.

And now, my beans are ready, I am going to sit down and enjoy them!

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