Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back again! Happy new year

It's been a while, but living well is back. The fall was incredibly busy- I switched jobs and my brain was full with learning the new ropes. It was a great change, and one that reminded me how important minimizing work stress and finding meaning in your work is to health. Since I wrote my dissertation on stress and health, you'd think I'd have known better!

Happy new year everyone...I don't have much to say today, except to reflect on new year's resolutions. Often, they are set up to fail. The new year is like a fresh page in a notebook, and we look forward to taking on the year and following our resolutions "perfectly". This, unfortunately, sets us up for failure, as almost definitely there will be slip ups here and there. The blank page will be sullied, and this can send some people into a mind state of "I messed up once, I'll never get it right, and I've ruined my chance for a clean record."

This might be the biggest problem with resolutions - they don't leave room for being human, for falling down and getting back up again.

Perhaps this year the best resolution of all is to be gentle with yourself, to let yourself make mistakes, and most important of all -- to brush yourself off and get back up when you fall down. That is a truly great resolution to make!

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