Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fresh bread, tasty chicken

Food seems to be my thing these days.

I found a book titled "Artisan bread in five minutes a day". I whipped up a batch of the dough, which you don't knead and can keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Monday it made pizza  for us. I was in the door at 5 and pizza was on the table at 5:30. It was delicious pizza, and barely cost anything. The crust was better than that from my favourite Ottawa pizza joints!

Last night I made a chicken stew out of two roast chicken breasts (again, from my friend's butcher shop since I'm on a strict local-ethical only diet of meat from their shop). We had a fresh, crusty, fragrant boule along with the succulent stew. Heaven! The little six year old who normally is picky had two servings of chicken. I was very, very impressed.

There is something very special about sitting around the dinner table as a family, with fresh bread and a tasty stew when it's frigid outside.

If you want to know more about Artisan bread in five minutes a day, here is their blog with the master recipe. I'm going to be trying the healthy, whole grain version next. I'm going to move from the volume measure method to the weight measure method since flour varies so much in its moisture content.


  1. I have that same bread book! Son #1 gave it to me as a Christmas present last year. The Naan bread is really, really good too.

  2. I have both the original and the "Healthy" one that focuses on whole grains. I admit, I haven't spent enough time with the technique (I was thinking about it for the shop but ran out of hours in the day!), but anything I have made from it has been really good. You're welcome to borrow the 2nd book.


  3. Hey there! Long time no blog (and haven't eaten meat in a week, except for prime rib at the keg last night). Need to make it into Manotick tomorrow! I just got Whole Grain Breads by Reinhart...yummmm...will share some bread over tea soon. Have discovered lovely green teas, which is good for my coffee habit (i.e. it mitigates the caffeine somewhat).