Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where to start?

I've really been doing this for a few weeks now. I started overhauling my diet after reading "The perfect 10 diet." I'm not a fan of popular diet books, as the science shows that most "diets" aren't successful in the long run. (PS I'm not trying to lose weight, just trying to become healthier! If I lose some weight in the process, great, if not, I don't care!). However, this book had an interesting take on the way food interacts with your body's hormones, and since I wasn't ready to crack open the hard core text books yet, it was a good place to start, clearly read with a grain of salt. Note: I don't read anything without a critical eye.

Main take away points (it's been a few weeks now): Fruits and vegetables are in, grains are mostly out, good fats in, bad fats out (definition to follow!), healthy protein sources in. I think that's the core of it.

The fruits and vegetables were easy. Increase them. Full stop. No interpretation necessary. So, I went ahead and ordered a large organic fruit and vegetable basket to be delivered weekly by Ottawa Organics. We used to do Bryson Farms, but they don't deliver out to our new house. The first week, we were successful in going through almost the entire basket, plus top ups of specific fruits and veg from the grocery store. We're now on week two. What the heck am I supposed to do with Tatsoi? It ends up that the green is great on its own, with a bit of Asian salad dressing.

Next order of business: more on good fats/bad fats. This one I need to research. I'm still a little confused although so far, at least it seems Omega 3s are unilaterally good!

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