Thursday, July 1, 2010

And balancing sweetness with science

I've also been remiss in sharing with you my evidence based explorations. Frankly, I've been doing more cooking than reading. But reading has been happening.

An interesting report that was released by the US Department of Agriculture is here. It is the basis of their to be recommendations for dietary guidelines. You might find Resource 3 in the supplement section interesting as it summarizes recent studies looking at the nutritional composition of "conventionally" farmed foods and organic farmed foods. However, its important to consider that what is really needed is a large number of studies, noting a large number of variables (not simply conventional vs. organic, but also other aspects of the cultivation and transportation techniques that may be related to health).

Okay, so there you have a little bit of evidence to chew on while you eat your Banana Cocoa Creme Pudding!

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