Saturday, June 26, 2010

My new juicer (have yet to buy Birkenstocks)

Troy really does think he may have married his mother by mistake. He did live on a commune for a while during his childhood, and she was somewhat of a traditional "hippy" by most standards. He remembers her growing her own sprouts, communal dinners and the like.

Last week was a happy week. I received my new juicer that I had ordered about a month ago. It is the "Hurom Slow Juicer". My middle child loves watching the Youtube and instructional videos.

But really, this totally beats the one I bought a decade ago from Canadian Tire. Wow, the juice is awesome. When I made apple/pear/blueberry juice on Wednesday, we didn't drink it all immediately. The portion that sat had so much pectin in it that it gelled! It's nice getting juice that is pulpy and full of fibre, and that uses almost all of the fruit. There is very little waste with this juicer. I'm in love!

So far we've done: apple/pear/blueberry; celery/pear/ginger; orange/grapefruit; and apple. I've also made soymilk, but need to cook them more to get a good consistency.

There you have it, further ramblings of me trying to become more healthy!

PS I ordered mine from Costco online, but had to wait 4 - 6 weeks to receive it. I've seen similar juicers at Rainbow Foods on Richmond Road. If you want to buy local (for Ottawa readers), you can pick a similar one up there.


  1. When you are ready for the Birks, there is a great store in Kemptville that has an amazing selection, great prices and will special order what they don't have in stock. I'm always up for a roadtrip!

  2. My last pair was bought in germany about a decade ago, in a small town where the owner did not spreche englisch. My German was better then! Once the log home is sold, a trip sounds good! I'll supply the juice :)