Saturday, June 12, 2010

On an entirely different note: Junk Mail

Moving back into the city has its advantages. I walk to work now, and it takes 22 minutes at most. This sure beats the 40 minute drive which stressed me out, consumed gas, and had no positive associations except for time to listen to the CBC. Now I get to work, get 40 minutes of moderate physical activity per day, and get to explore my neighbor. I get to work feeling energized and relaxed (and only a little sweaty!). Hooray for active transportation.

Disadvantage: Junk Mail. My goodness do I get a lot here. My mailbox is full. My porch has been littered twice with rolls of flyers that I could use to do some weight lifting (second on my list of physical activities to include into my weekly routine, after a weekly Yoga class). In "the country," aka Honey Gables, apparently we weren't affluent enough to warrant flyers. It's too bad that now that I am in a two bedroom townhouse apparently I am...

So to stop this nonsense, I checked out the Canada Post website. Here's the answer, at least for my mail box: Put a note on my mail box asking them to stop. Easy peasy.

For the flyers on my porch, it may be a more difficult task. I'm going to see if putting a big red dot sticker on my door helps. We'll see!


  1. Those bundles of flyers are one of my favourite pet peeves! Every Saturday morning, very, very early, someone drives by and throws them on our driveway. If it is wet, snow or rain, the flyers are useless. They've been buried by the snow plow to reappear in the spring as a soggy mess and even chewed on by animals. All of these flyers are available online and with the exception of our local village grocer are at least a twenty to thirty minute drive away. Have asked repeatedly for them to resist delivery at our house but the request has so far fallen on deaf ears.

  2. Troy tells me that some delivery people have been told to deliver them even if there is a no junk mail sign. I feel for the delivery folks...often they really need the money. I do NOT feel for the advertising industry! I saw our delivery person last night. She walks along the street and throws it up on the porch, so she wouldn't even see a sign. *sigh* Into the recycling bin it goes.