Wednesday, June 23, 2010

shout out for local meat!

I've been waiting to do little happy dances on this blog until my friend's butchery was closer to its grand opening. I think they are almost there, so here it is. I don't have to hold back any longer.

As an intro: I have a friend who I knew was opening a butchery. I should have known it would be no ordinary butchery. I had posted to one of our forums in an online knitting group whether any one wanted to share a freezer order of beef from Dobson farms, which I wrote about earlier.

The friend in question emailed me and gently reminded me of their soon to be butchery and that their products would be mainly local, pasture raised, organic when feasible, ethically treated and prepared with care. It was one of those aha moments, where I also felt a little silly for not connecting the dots earlier.

So soon I will have access to all sorts of wonderful meat, and will be supporting a local business and a friend. I encourage you to try them out if you're from around Ottawa. I'll be making weekly or so trips out to pick up enough for a week or two, and for my downtown friends, I'll be happy to coordinate orders to be picked up from my now central not-so-log home.


  1. Found your blog, and love the information you are giving. I think you have the website wrong for the butchery, I think it is

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I can't wait for them to open!