Friday, June 18, 2010

Very cool! Yoga on line

I've been wanting to get to the Yoga studio down the street from me (I'd also take a class at the location to the left). It's serendipitous that the one recommended by a friend just happens to be a 2 minute walk from my new house. However, scheduling and kids and a job don't often go well together. The Yoga as Medicine book I'm reading recommends trying to do Yoga every day, even for a short while. I have to agree that setting up a daily habit makes more sense for overall lifestyle change than sporadic once a week visits. I miss maternity leave where I could go to yoga/tai chi/pilates classes at the gym on a daily basis.

However, book pictures don't speak to me. Especially since I'm a super klutz for all things physical . Spending so much time in my head has weakened my ability to coordinate my movement skills...Trust me, you don't want to be my dance partner. I can run a mean logistic regression, though!

I found an online Yoga community, and tried a "class" tonight. It was great. Short, well described, and I liked the way I felt after it. I didn't have to adapt any poses to the wrist brace I am wearing right now (no downward dog for me!). It also has a workplace videos section, which I'm going to schedule into my day at work. I work for a very, very large employer, and I can only imagine what providing some sort of access to such videos on the desk top, and encouraging a culture of actually doing mid day "mini-fit" breaks, could do for our health (not to mention the possible decrease in strain and ergonomic issues). Finally, the company the put this together is Canadian. Pretty cool, eh?!


  1. Nice site! I may try it out. I've been away from yoga for a bit because I hate having to drive to class and then home again.

  2. I hear you on the driving thing. Heck, I'm just a two minute walk and I still don't think I can easily fit it in. Of course, the two kids under 6 don't help. I did another short video today and liked it. If I can even do 10 minutes a day, that's an improvement on none. Added to my walks to (and usually from) work, I'm on my way to getting enough physical activity. I'm not shooting for the stars, just something that is maintainable.